Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharing my heart

As any other person that goes through life, I encounter situations that are not pleasant, but I have learned to look for God in the midst of it, to seek HIM, to talk to HIM and find out what HE is saying and doing.

Yesterday was one of those days.  the emotional pain in my heart was too much, the tears drop through my face and  just could do nothing to stop it.  I knew that besides my pain, i was feeling God as well.  During the afternoon, HE said "i am teaching you compassion".  it may sound very good, but i assure you it did not feel good at all.

This is the definition of compassion: deep awareness of the suffering of another. the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.

I have been experiencing this feeling for a while, and i know God has not finish teaching this  You see when a situation arise in our life, either sickness, financial stress, loss of any kind, etc; that which we believe will come to the surface.  We get so overwhelm by our situation that we believe everything revolves around our little world.  We give power to the situation, and we reduce God to a small thing in the midst of the problem. 

When in reality, we must exalt God and bring everything under submission of HIS dominion because everything is under HIS feet.  When we deny HIS power on our life, we either exalt ourselves, our ability to handle situation or exalt the enemy and as a byproduct we do not allow God to intervene in our behalf.

In the midst of the storm yesterday, HE reminded me of a vision HE gave me last year, when I saw His arm and hand coming down through the clouds touching 5 different places.  I saw the power released through HIS five fingers.  I knew HE was talking about five fold ministry, but i will not go there today.  The fear of God surrounded me because of HIS mighty power that all i could do was to weep and ask for Mercy.  I was shaken for two straight days , all i could pray was for His mercy over us.

Many of us, when we think of God, we have come to make HIM so human, and in part is true because Jesus came as human while HE was God.  However, Our God, the creator of Heaven and Earth is so great, powerful and mighty, so amazing, so glorious, so magnificent, divine, holy, beyond words.  HE created everything on HIS own.  I am just in awe of HIS greatness, but also in awe of HIS love for us. 

Heaven and earth display HIS majesty, HIS glory.  We go through life thinking that if something happen in our own little world that it affect the rest, but the truth is that we are not that powerful.  Life continue for the rest, and we eventually get over and move into something else; but IDOLATRY of ourselves make us think that our situation are bigger than any other person.  Idolatry has come to pierce God's creation since the beginning.  I must say that i was humble by GOD when HE said to me "get off your horse; I AM GOD, you are not". 

It is about HIM, about HIS purpose, about HIS desire, about HIS will.  When we receive the fullness of the cross and the price that Jesus paid; then we are willing to let go of our life to bring forth HIS in us.
I do not have it completely, but I am grateful to GOD for HIS love toward me that open my eyes to see.  my prayer "GOD i want to know you"

HE is waiting for each of us to come closer to HIM; HE wants to reveal HIMSELF in ways that we have never imagine.

Before, i finish, i know you have heard that Jesus died on the cross for our sin, to reunited us with the FATHER, to save our soul from death.  i tell you today, God almighty was looking at HIS creation, His children, and HE was longing to have a relationship with us, but sin had corrupted this world, and HE had the answer (JESUS) even before you or I were born.  HE wanted to look at you or me, and smile back at us, and without the blood of Jesus that was not possible.  Now, HE has given us the gift of GRACE.  HIS grace is pouring out from heaven, HIS love flows from HIS throne toward us, HIS kindness lead us back to HIM.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


If we take a moment and we look around, we could heard so many bad reports.  It could shake our Faith, if we are not rooted and grounded in His Love.

There are natural disasters, people dying, wars, divorce, financial crisis and much more.  Many ask Why is God allowing this, and others are asking Where is God.

The media only report the negative most of the time, but does not give the good report on how people life are change in many parts of the world because followers of Jesus are taking stand and believing God on HIS WORD.

Today, I heard a message from a pastor Andrew White that has the church in IRAQ; what amazing stories.  it was refreshing to listened to him saying that in their church healing are done always.  He mention how even the Muslim know the church as the place to go when they want a miracle.  they do not pray that maybe God wants to heal; they know that God wants to heal.

I am not saying that we should deny the current situations that are evident.  There is so much chaos and confusion, pain and suffering; but these situations do not dictate the heart of the FATHER.

When we search HIS word, we find that HIS heart desire is to have a relationship with HIS children.  HE does not want to cause them pain and HE does not create a negative situation so that HE can be glorify when the solution comes.  HE is already Glorious, HE already reigns, HE IS GOD all alone.  It does not mean either that HE does not have control, and the enemy goes doing left and right as he pleases.  The truth is that we live in a world that is corrupted by sin and Jesus came to redeem it.  Jesus took back dominion, but before going to the FATHER, HE gave us authority.  Psalm 115:16 "The heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth HE has given to man"

Therefore, instead of speaking the negative; remembering that HE has given us power of life and death in our tongues; let us align with God's word with HIS heart's desire:

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life and may have it abundantly"

God's heart is for all to come to the knowledge of HIS love.

"For God so loved the world, that HE gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believe in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life.  
For God sent NOT HIS Son into the world to condemn, but that the world through HIM might be saved"

Many have perished because they never had the chance to know about Jesus, and many more will perish as well; but how are they going to know about HIM if we are not stepping into our place and preaching the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL.  It is and will always be GOOD NEWS.

Jesus said to the disciples " as the FATHER hath sent me, even so i send you" and then He continues saying " IF YOU FORGIVE ANYONE'S SIN, THEY ARE FORGIVEN; IF YOU RETAIN ANYONE'S SIN, THEY ARE RETAIN"
These are strong words; if you realized Jesus is entrusting us with people life; but if we were forgiven, we can extend the same mercy and grace toward others.

It is time to rise up, and embrace the commission that Jesus gave us.  Instead of prophesying the problem, let us speak in boldness the solution.  Instead of expecting the negative so that they will validate how prophetic we are, let us speak the word of God; Let us pray and intercede for those situation and find the heartbeat of God.

For Example: Many have prophesied bad things to happen to California.  Let us declare instead in the name of Jesus that California comes to the knowledge of Christ; that the state will be a beacon of light for the nation; that the world will look at it not because of disaster or Hollywood or homosexuality or anything else, but because they are transforming a culture toward the Kingdom of God.  Let us declare that is a city of purity and integrity that people of Faith rise up, that the sons and daughters of God are displaying the Glory of the Father.  That is a city of love and unity; that God's mercy and grace is over that state.

When God reveals a negative situation to us.  It is an invitation from God to us to partner with Him and bring about His will which is always good towards His children.  Remember is His love and kindness that lead us to HIM.  HIS essence is love.  HE GAVE HIS SON FOR US.

We must go into the world and be the light and salt instead of being passive, alienated from the world like we are going to get contaminated.  We must contaminated them with the Love of Christ, with the Grace and Mercy of our FATHER  We must be the ones in the front line showing the way, but the way to Jesus.

Jesus paid the price, and took the keys, restoring back what was lost in the Garden.  He ascended to the heavens and rules and reign, He is seated at the right hand of the Father; but before He went to the Father He pass the baton to us.  He healed the sick, delivered the captives, raise the dead and more; we are to do that and even more as well.  Let us stop waiting to see if God would like to intercede in our daily life; and let us partner with the HOLY SPIRIT; who is an amazing teacher, perfect , incredible and wise friend to guide us on how to pray, how and what to declare to bring the solutions.  We are part of the solution, we are part of the answer.  JESUS CHRIST THE HOPE OF GLORY LIVES IN US.  Let us bring the Kingdom of God into every place we go, into every area of influence; let us be authentic as HE created us.

We are to walk in our blessings, not just for us, but to give out which has been freely given to us.

God loves all, and HIS desire is that not a single person perish.
Let it be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From the VALLEY to the FOREST

Some weeks ago, the LORD gave me a dream and at the end of it, I heard His voice saying :

“I have made a way through the valley to the forest”

His voice flow like a river through out my body and although it was wonderful, it has that power which I will not even try to describe.  He was giving a message and I just did not want to miss it.

During all this time, I have not been able to take my heart off those words.  I looked through the scriptures to find everything about valleys and forest, but nothing felt right.  Until last Thursday, when God said read Ezekiel 37.

I invite you to read it as well.

This is what the Holy Spirit share for the Body of Christ:

“The church may be looking like the dry bones lying down on the valley as Ezekiel saw many bones on the floor of the valley, bones that were very dry according to many.  They are dispersed, division is among it, sickness and disease, lack, poverty and more which will not be mention.  Some even has said that the Lord is angry at His bride.


I tell you this when the LORD looks at HIS bride, He sees a different picture, His heart beats for His beautiful bride, full of life, joy, and Love. A bride that is in Unity with Him.

Remember The LORD did not tell Ezekiel to forget about the bones; HE said: Ezekiel prophesy to it”

It is time to prophesy to all of those situations in our life, not looking at what it was, but what it must be according to the promises of God.  It is time to align with God over our future and destiny.  It is time to call our future into the present.  I heard Graham Cooke saying Prophesy is history written in advance. Let us call our true identity into this moment in time.  We are sons and daughters of the most high God because the spirit of adoption cover us.

“A new move of the Holy Spirit is coming, and the Lord will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.  HE will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin; HE will put breath in you and you will come to life.  In every situation where it looks like there was not life, where things were impossible.  You will see the miracles in those areas where hope has been lost and you shall know that I AM the LORD”

He will take us from the valley where death, hopeless, despair, lack, sickness live to the Forest.  You will be in a land of abundance, where desires will be fulfill, and you will partake always of the tree of life.

Let us align ourselves with His promises and let us begin to declare the promises not only for us but for the beautiful Body of Christ.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"First LOVE"

This is one of those subject that we can share about because the minute we read the word Love thoughts come to us like rushing water.  Love is so scary for so many because it makes you vulnerable, I am a lover, and like most people got my heartbroken and my share of pain but love is such a gift that i just can not resist to it.  The thing is our Love is always imperfect even though we tried to give the best of us.  There is only one true Love and that is what i want to share with you.

Many times I heard the phrase at church return to your first love, and it always point it out to me to that first time when I met Jesus and fall completely in Love with Him.  However, recently the Father started to share with me about the FIRST LOVE, and I must tell you that I have not arrived , but I am learning to experience it completely different.  It is not about how much I believe that I love God but HOW MUCH I KNOW THAT HE LOVES ME

We need to remember that "HE is good, HIS steadfast Love endures forever, HE is abounding in Love and Faithful"...... then why we do not feel it at time.  These are HIS words "As the Father loved me, I also have loved you, abide in MY LOVE" (john15:9) (by the way i just love the book of John, so much love)  

The Father and The SON have the perfect love; this was the FIRST LOVE.  We love because HE first loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins (1john4:10).  The HOLY SPIRIT whom is such a fantastic teacher, was showing me that when we abide in Jesus we partake of the same relationship that Jesus has with the Father. How do I abide in Him? it was one of my questions. The Hebrew definition for abide is to dwell, remain,sit, to stay.  I remember the first time HE said to me in His audible voice : "be still and know I am God".  I must confess the word still has been one of those words outside my dictionary; however, when i began to allow HIS Spirit to lead me instead of me driving, i began to experience Peace, and I could feel His pleasure over me.  I stay in His presence, and this does not means that i do not get out of my house, but in everything i do, i want to invite HIM to be the center. 

The picture that HE always shows me is this: The FATHER and The SON delighting in each other; then here i come to CHRIST in whom I live, move and have my being. A gift of LOVE freely given to me; nothing I did perfect.  All i did was to receive.  The FATHER who loves me so much, who is crazy about me, gave up HIS beloved SON to bring me back to HIS perfect LOVE.  We sometimes are too concerned about doing when is in receiving where everything began for us.

We can do all the good deeds, we may try to do our best in all situations, and more but outside Jesus these are dead works because it is in Christ that we come together under the banner of Love where God the Father works through for His glory. What this world needs is people willing to Love others without limit.  Can you stop and think for a moment what could have happen if Jesus would have put limitations on His love? I truly do not want to know.  Instead of judging, labeling, condemning, we are to walk in HIS LOVE displaying it so that we can be the light and salt of this world.  "Love does not harm to its neighbor, Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law" (Romans13:10)

The FIRST LOVE as the Holy Spirit shows is to be in Christ because there Love is perfect, remaining in HIM so that I receive HIS love, Abiding in HIM so that I can love others.  HIS love is perfect, outside of HIM love is just an emotion, a feeling, a sensation."He who does not love does not know God" 1john 4:8.  HE is LOVE.

I leave you now with these questions; Do you want to experience HIS perfect love? Do you want to remain in the First Love?  HE is saying:" Come, you are my passion, I want to lavish you with a love that never end." Remember there is nothing that can separate us from HIS love, because HIS love is always there like liquid oil running down from heaven towards us because HE LOVES US.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

" Out of Shame into Glory" by Amarilys Bocz

Do you at the end of the day when the night rest upon the earth feel that your heart is heavy with worry, anxiety, heartache, no hope? You find yourself saying this phrase "another day has gone by".  You look at your circumstances around, the market crisis, the loss of income, loss of job, basic needs at time are not met, everything looks out of place, and you are running in this treadmill of life, where you seem not to find the button to stop it all.

The truth is that you can not stop it.  it once was like a drop of snow and now everything its too big and impossible to stop on your own.  You have tried everything there is  and tried to find a way out, but nothing seems to work.

I understand your situation because like you.  I had suffer loss and pain.  For a time i did not where to run, where was a safe place where i could rest and find answer to all of these.  On those days so much shame surrounded me.  The more i tried to get out of the hole, the more deep it seems like i was falling; but in His GLORY i found an answer to my situation.

Now, you are asking; how can you find His Glory?  It is not difficult, but it is not easy either; i must be truthful.  However, i can assure you that every bit of it is worthy.

First, let me tell you the easy part so you are encourage; i only had to receive it; but because of the pain and shame in my life, i felt unworthy of such great gift and that is the difficult part.  When life has taken a toll on us or even if we have had the most wonderful life, we feel unworthy or our belief systems cause us to magnify situation in negative ways.

We do not understand the consequences that we face when shame comes into our life.  Shame causes tremendous pain in our soul, and those wounds prevent us from prospering in all areas of our life.  Shame clothes our life, but in the spiritual realm which is real, shame is like a covering from head to toe and radiate in a way that only attracts that which do not belongs to us.  Shame comes with guilt, condemnation, dishonor, disgraced, lost hopes, idolatry, lack, poverty, death, humiliation and much more...

Do not be discourage, because for every negative, there must be a positive.  Now let me introduce you to the positive side of that.  The answer to it is to behold the glory of the only begotten son Jesus Christ.  Remember that which you behold, you empower.

In the GLORY, there is abundance of goodness, creativity, power, restoration, healing, freedom, financial miracles, amazing love, majesty.  Just know that your imagination can not comprehend it, its beyond our ability to understand.  But It is more real than what you can imagine.

At this point, you have tried everything without much success; at time the situation seems to ease but them everything repeats all over and you find yourself in the same place or similar.  If this is you, and you are feeling as you read that something needs to happen in your life.  You can not go on anymore on this path where the return is just pain, worry, anxiety, depression, lack, and more; then i ask you the question: why not to take all your chances at the only true living GOD? who send His only son to deliver you and set you free.  He lay down His life for yours, so that you will not longer be bound to live on this world system, but to have eternal life, in His Glorious Kingdom where everything is Yes and amen when you encounter the Father who created you.

His love is so sweet providing healing to your heart, carrying your burden, freeing you.  He has promised you that those clothes of shame will be removed and you will not wear them anymore, and His glory will be deposited in you.  He will give you a double portion of Honor instead of carrying dishonor like a bag, He will crown you with Glory, raising in you the beloved child into a majestic queen or king to rule and reign with HIM; your joy will be everlasting and He will show you how He has catch each of your tears, because since you were created in your mothers womb He knew you and love you; your blessings will overflow to so many others, removing lack from you because He owns all the silver and gold.

invite Jesus to come and dwell in your heart; ask Him to become Lord of your life; ask the Holy Spirit who is the most wonderful, intelligent and incredible person to reveal Jesus and the heart of the Father to you; Ask the Father to reveal His glory.
If you had already done this, but you are asking how can i live there in that place where His promises are real, and i can also display His glory.  And you have asked Him before to come into your life and nothing has changed.  Then, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus again to you and to provide healing to you; reveling the power of the blood and the cross, the wounds on His hands and feet, the pain He endure for us. Let His light come into those areas where surrounding our will must take place.  I do not pretend to have the answer, i just know the one who holds all the answers and as we walk close to Him, He reveals to us.  Because He loves us with such a passionate love that HE can not hold back and desire to pour out His goodness upon us.

It is time to wake up from that place where there is not life, where hope does not have a place, where death reign and enter the Kingdom of Heaven where love abound, and perfect goodness rule, where eternal life has been granted.  Let's bring heaven down to earth! and step into the GLORY.